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Do you have the feeling of being overwhelmed and being anxious even when things are relatively normal?

Use our proven Tranquility and Joy protocols to correct the causes!

Have you been feeling depressed or seeking natural relief for your anxiety?

We are so glad you have found us! Anxiety and depression have taken a front seat in our society as a growing 25% of children in grade schools start to battle these conditions and as a result are prescribed antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and focus medications. These “treatments” do not truly address the underlying causes but instead only mask the symptoms.

Whether you have anxiety or depression or both, this is your body saying, “Hey! Something is out of balance” and no medication can treat the cause. We found that two leading causes for anxiety and depression are (1) the chronic stress response and (2) gut imbalances. When focused on correcting these two underlying causes first, we see greater success and resolution. Other factors that predispose you to anxiety and depression include:

  • being bottle fed as an infant
  • being born by cesarean section
  • excess use of cell phones and computers
  • teeth infections
  • antibiotic use
  • inflammatory diets
  • inflammatory gut conditions (like Chron’s, IBS, constipation or Ulcerative Colitis)
  • GMO foods

Now that we know the leading causes for anxiety and depression, how can we actually correct these imbalances and experience healing? Our 5 Point Model focuses on optimizing 5 areas to bring vibrant healing, including the, (1) Hormones, (2) Nutrients, (3) Detoxification (4) Mind, and (5) Body

Optimizing Hormones

As humans, the “fuel” in our “fuel tanks” are considered to be our hormones and nutrients. When there is more stress, as in cases leading to depression and anxiety, our bodies use up more “fuel”, in this case hormones. Some ways our hormones are directly connected to the way we experience anxiety and depression, include:

  • Chronically lower cortisol levels are associated with depression.
  • Low progesterone in women contributes to anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Low testosterone in men contributes to both anxiety and depression
  • Low thyroid functioning is almost always present if you are experiencing depression.

For these hormones, we want to aim for ranges above the 75th percentile to have them in the optimal range, not just the normal range! Additionally, specific amino acids are needed for the body to make thyroid and progesterone hormones so a full diverse diet of healthy foods is necessary to be sure we are meeting all amino acid needs. This will ensure we are optimizing our hormones through optimizing our nutrition. More on nutrition below.

Optimizing Nutrition and a Healthy Gut

To optimize nutrients, the second piece of “fuel” in our “fuel tanks”, it is imperative we fill ourselves with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. For example, 

  • Omega 3s – significant effects on reducing anxiety
  • Magnesium – decreases nervous system activity, critical for anxiety and depression
  • Omega 3s – significant effects on reducing anxiety
  • Magnesium – decreases nervous system activity, critical for anxiety and depression

Our Tranquility and Jot Protocol presents just three supplements we recommend to begin supplementing with in order to cover the needs listed above. 

When it comes to anxiety and depression, the health of your gut plays a major role. Did you know that our happy (serotonin, 5-HTP) and calming (GABA) neurotransmitters are made in the gut? Most antidepressants are aimed at increasing your serotonin levels- so a more natural remedy for depression would be to improve the health of your bowels, which in turn should naturally increase your serotonin levels. To begin addressing gut imbalances, detoxification can be your first step to improving the health of your microbiome.


Toxic buildup in the body is a primary cause of declining health worldwide. Man has added 100,000 toxins to the environment, which the body must process and detoxify. The bowels must move at least twice a day! Most importantly, we depend on a healthy microbiome. To begin improving your body’s elimination and detoxification:

  • Drink 100 ounces of filtered water with Pink Salt to taste and 1-2 Lemons, DAILY!
  • Supplement with a high quality probiotic and fermented foods containing live probiotics!
  • Indulge in Sunrise walks, Belly breathing and decrease your exposure to electromagnetics.

Optimizing Mind and Body

If you are suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression, caring for your nervous system is critical.  Some everyday stimulations causing our nervous system to fire include the phone buzzing, driving in traffic or driving at all, turning on a light, making a commitment, pain in the body, taking a walk, and dealing with toxic people. An overabundance of mind and body stimulation will overload the cortisol pathway, creating a disturbed pattern in our nervous system, leading to the Chronic Stress Response

To begin optimizing the mind and body, reduce external and internal stressors by finding restoration in nature, meditation, joy, sleep, water, deep breathing, and following your heart.

To better treat depression and anxiety, commit to converting your heart’s rhythm to a coherent pattern. You can do so in less than 60 seconds by learning and practicing heart-focused meditation, notably Heart-Math. This same technique is used by fortune 500 companies to reduce the drain of the “fuel tank” and increase resilience and performance. We recommend Heart-Math meditation as a part of our Tranquility and Joy Protocols.

Restore Your Tranquility and Joy!

Some associated symptoms that may improve when you treat your anxiety or depression with our Tranquility and Joy Protocol include:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Focus
  • Gastric Symptoms
  • Motivation
  • Pain
  • Mood
  • Overall Well-Being

Our Tranquility and Joy Protocols have been developed and clinically tested in thousands of patients over 15 years and should be brought to you by your doctor. The ultimate goal is to live and experience Vibrant Health with tranquility, joy, and an improved self-healing ability, turned on by YOU taking the steps everyday to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Anxiety and depression can be healed naturally when you treat the underlying causes correctly! 

This consultation aims to identify the underlying causes for your anxiety or depression, correct them, and restore tranquility and joy in your life using the 5-point Model System. We will help you implement effective protocols by providing you with our advanced Tranquility and Joy Protocols. We want you to live your best life ever!

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