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Are You Thriving Or Just Surviving Quiz

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ARE YOU THRIVING OR JUST SURVIVING? TAKE THIS QUIZ. In thousands of patients we have learned that there are 6 critical questions that correlate with all conditions, diseases and labs. Take a quiet moment to rate yourself based on score of 5 (none, low, average, high, very high) over the past month.
Rate your quality of your sleep? If you sleep 8 hours continuous without waking up you are a 5. A continuous 8 hours without waking up is needed for repair and regeneration of the daily DNA damage and the immune system.(Required)
Rate your energy level. Energy level is an indicator of the fuel reserve (nutrients and hormones) in your body. If energy is low, you may have to slow down and fuel up.(Required)
Rate your Mood or level of Joy. The vibration of Joy is the most important catalyst to message the body to function optimally. This has been learned in the long-living cultures in Blue Zones.(Required)