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Did you know that any imbalance in the body creates immune dysfunction?

Use our proven vibrant immunity protocols to correct the causes!

More than ½ of our body is not human, but instead bacteria, bugs, and our microbiome! How do we protect the microbiome?

For starters, processed food, GMOs, WIFI and the electromagnetic fields all negatively affect our microbiomes. Our number one staple for a healthy immune system is a good probiotic! A fermented live probiotic is best to replenish the gut, due to increased enzymes, better preservation, and more active nutrients. Secondly, iron zinc, copper and selenium are all essential for the optimal immune response!

Some basic ways to keep your immune system healthy include:

  • Wash hands routinely with soap or alcohol.
  • Reduce touching of the nose and mouth with hands.
  • Reduce touching of door knobs/ rails/ surfaces.
  • Reduce hugging. Do not shake hands.
  • Reduce all traffic in and out of your home and office.
  • Reduce going to public places, events, work, travel, air travel and school.

The most common predisposing factors for lowered immunity are the Chronic Stress Response, adrenal insufficiency, gastric issues, poor nutrition, low oxygen states and exposure to man-made toxins as we mentioned already such as WiFi, 5G and GMO foods.

The most common triggers that bring immune dysfunction symptoms to the surface are acute stress and anxiety. Just as 70% of the nervous system resides in the gut, 70% of ALL IMMUNE CELLS also reside in the gut. Acute stress and anxiety translate directly into a compromised immune system. The end result becomes chronic gastric inflammation, leaky gut (loss of mucosal integrity) and immune weakness;which can present as acute infections, recurrent infections, chronic infections, autoimmunity and over time even cancer. Do not be fooled, any of these symptoms or diseases in your body point to an immune system that needs improving. To naturally improve immunity, we begin focusing on optimizing 5 areas including: (1) Hormones, (2) Nutrients, (3) Detoxification (4) Mind, and (5) Body.

Optimizing Hormones

Low adrenal and thyroid function are almost always present in people with failing immune systems and severe health complications. Adrenal and thyroid hormones activate our immune cells so we need these hormone systems to be optimized and healthy for our immune system to thrive! Some vitamins and minerals critical to your immune system as well as thyroid and adrenal activation include Vitamin C, Chromium, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine and B-12. Additionally, SaJune Institute tests our patients’ hormone levels so we can see where you might need the most support and we can prescribe a treatment that is always bio-identical and safe.

Optimizing Nutrition

Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, folic acid and the trace elements iron, zinc, copper and selenium are essential for the immune response. Specifically, Vitamin D3 with a serum level above 70 is what we look for when optimizing the immune system! This is why it is important we test your blood levels, for clear markers of optimal vitamin, mineral and hormones levels.

Quick tips you can take now to regenerate through nutrition include:

  • Eat your daily dose of regenerative superfoods! Superfoods contain a dense abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants greatly exceeding the values in common vegetables and fruits. Examples of powerful superfoods include aloe, maca, cacao, goji, bee pollen, spirulina, blue-green algae, hempseed, marine phytoplankton and coconut. These foods are best eaten raw.
  • Depend mainly on organic whole foods!
  • Aim for a Plate Ratio of 50% Vegetables, 25% Lean Protein and 25% Complex Carbs.
  • Book a wellness consultation with our Integrative Holistic Health Coach to create a plan of natural health and healing that is right for your needs and your top goals.


Toxic build up in the body is the primary cause of declining health and immune dysfunction worldwide. Man has added 100,000 toxins to our environment which our bodies need to handle to remain vibrant. The body’s normal mechanisms for detoxification include primarily flushing with water, a functioning liver, gallbladder, skin, kidneys and lymphatics. To begin improving your body’s elimination and detoxification:

  • The bowels must move twice daily
  • Drink 100 ounces of filtered water with Pink Salt to taste and 1-2 Lemons, DAILY!
  • Body pH above 6.7 is needed for a vibrant body
  • Decrease your exposure to electromagnetics, WiFi, Cellphones, Computers, etc.
  • Get on a routine with a natural live probiotic

Optimizing Mind and Body

Mind/Heart stress is the base of all chronic dis-ease. A hyperactive nervous system depletes our fuel needed for a proper functioning immune system and increases inflammation in the lining of the gut which is home to 70% of our immune system! It is critical to calm the nervous system to experience vibrant immunity. In our Vibrant Immune Protocols we have given you two proven methods to successfully reduce subconscious and conscious stressors. In addition to mind stress, you can reduce the stress on your body by increasing your oxygen levels. Oxygen makes up 68% of the elements in your body and infections and cancer thrive in low oxygen states. You can increase the oxygen flow to all of your organs immediately by doing just one of the following:

  1. Simply breathe consciously, so that the length of inhale matches the exhale.
  2. Take a walk outdoors, swing your arms, while belly breathing.
  3. Practice “Belly Breathing” (explained in our Healthy Weight Protocols)

Restore Your Vibrant Immunity!

Our Vibrant Immune Protocols have been developed and clinically tested in thousands of patients over 15 years and should be brought to you by your doctor. The ultimate goal is to live and experience Vibrant Health with an improved self-healing ability, turned on by YOU taking the steps everyday to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Low immunity can be targeted naturally when you treat the underlying causes correctly! 

Our Vibrant immune protocols have been effective in reversing compromised immune conditions and promoting optimal immunity in over 80% of people in 30 days, including people with:

  • Seasonal bouts of low immunity
  • Head, sinus, chest congestion,
  • Sore throat with or without cough
  • Long term fatigue
  • Delicate gut conditions
  • Poor or slow healing times
  • Unhealthy skin conditions
  • Excessive immune reactions

This consultation aims to identify the underlying causes for your low immunity, correct them, and restore a vibrant life using the 5-point Model System. We will help you implement effective protocols by providing you with our advanced protocols. We want you to live your best life ever!

Request to schedule your appointment : https://sajune.com/book-now/

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