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Do you have GERD, IBS, Colitis, Bloating, Constipation, and Indigestion?

Use our proven healthy gut protocols to correct the causes!

Is it Smooth Sailing when it comes to your Gut and Intestinal functioning?

If you have any gastric symptoms (such as bloating, heartburn, gas, diarrhea,  constipation, allergies, rashes, hives and acne) This is your body saying “Hey! Something is out of balance” and no medication can treat the cause. Some triggers that bring gastric symptoms to the surface is the Chronic Stress Response and anxiety. When focused on correcting these two underlying causes first, we see greater success and resolution. A few factors that predispose you to gastric conditions include:

  • Cesarean birth
  • Bottle feeding
  • A history of childhood abdominal infections
  • Antibiotic treatment

As 70% of the nervous system lies in the gut, any anxiety translates directly to the gut leading to inflammation. Bowel inflammation then leads to IBS, GERD, allergies, rashes and colitis. Did you know that our happy (serotonin, 5-HTP) and calming (GABA) neurotransmitters are made in the gut? When we are able to improve the gut microbiome, we can then see improvements in related conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Since 70% of the immune system lies in the gut, chronic inflammation leads to leaky gut and immune compromise, which can present as autoimmunity or cancer. Even if you do not have specific gastric symptoms, all disease is associated with inflammation in the gut so we recommend our Gut Protocol to everyone!

At SaJune Institute, it is a celebration when we’re able to help a patient heal their gut and no longer have to take their PPI (proton pump inhibitor). These PPIs block hydrogen, vitamin B12, and Iron. By not addressing the underlying causes of your gastric conditions you will only mask the symptoms. Our 5 Point Model takes a holistic approach by focusing on optimizing 5 areas to bring vibrant healing, including the, (1) Hormones, (2) Nutrients, (3) Detoxification (4) Mind, and (5) Body.

Optimizing Hormones

As humans, the “fuel” in our “fuel tanks” are considered to be our hormones and nutrients. A hyperactive nervous system uses up more “fuel”, in this case hormones. To address IBS, Colitis, Indigestion and any other gut condition, thyroid, insulin, and adrenal activation is key! In our Healthy Gut Protocols we recommend just two supplements for this purpose. Additionally we recommend some master hormones, Pregnenolone and DHEA, based on your blood levels. For these hormones, we want to aim for ranges above the 75th percentile to have them in the optimal range, not just the normal range! 

Optimizing Nutrition

Gastric conditions, such as leaky gut, can lead to poor nutrient absorption and an altered gut microbiome. To optimize nutrients, the second piece of “fuel” in our “fuel tanks”, we must first correct the inflammation of our gut lining so that absorption of vitamins and minerals can be corrected. A probiotic and enzyme are first recommended with every meal while eliminating inflammatory foods, such as dairy, for 4-12 weeks. After 3-4 weeks on this recommendation, we’ve seen patients off of their PPIs! Additional quick tips you can take now to regenerate through nutrition include:

  • Eating your daily dose of regenerative foods, such as fermented foods, sprouted seeds, and blue-green algae

  • Depend mainly on organic foods, to keep your toxic load low

  • Aim for a Plate Ratio of 50% Vegetables, 25% Lean Protein and 25% Complex Carbs


To begin addressing gut imbalances, detoxification must be your first step to improving the health of your gut. Toxic buildup in the body is a primary cause of declining health worldwide. Man has added 100,000 toxins to the environment, which the body must process and detoxify to remain vibrant. The bowels must move at least twice a day! If you are experiencing constipation, adding magnesium into your routine To begin improving your body’s elimination and detoxification:

  • Drink 100 ounces of filtered water with Pink Salt to taste and 1-2 Lemons, DAILY!

  • Supplement with a high quality probiotic and fermented foods containing live probiotics!

  • Indulge in Sunrise walks, Belly breathing and decrease your exposure to electromagnetics.

  • Aim for a PH level of >6.7 where cell function is optimal. This can be checked at home daily through morning urine samples.

Optimizing Mind and Body

If you are suffering from GERD, IBS, Colitis, Bloating, Constipation, or Indigestion, caring for your nervous system is critical. A hyperactive nervous system drives inflammation to the gut, hence why IBS is worsened when anxiety is involved for example.Decreasing commitments is the key to reversing any condition. When you simplify your life by cutting out commitments such as social media, phone, events, even reducing commitments in work, family, and writing, you can free up your energy to focus mainly on your health routine. When you reduce external and internal stressors by finding restoration in nature, meditation, joy, sleep, water, deep breathing, and following your heart, you commit to optimizing the mind and body.

To address gut imbalances, commit to converting your heart’s rhythm to a coherent pattern. Calm heart = Calm Mind = Calm Gastric System. You can do this in less than 60 seconds by learning and practicing heart-focused meditation, notably Heart-Math. This same technique is used by fortune 500 companies to reduce the drain of the “fuel tank” and increase resilience and performance. We recommend Heart-Math meditation as a part of our Healthy Gut Protocols.

Restore Your Gut!

Some associated symptoms that may improve when you treat your gut and microbiome  with our Healthy Gut Protocol include:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus Conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Skin rashes, hives, eczema
  • Autoimmunity
  • Weight
  • Depression

Our Healthy Gut Protocols have been developed and clinically tested in thousands of patients over 15 years and should be brought to you by your doctor. The ultimate goal is to live and experience Vibrant Health, an improved self-healing ability, turned on by YOU taking the steps everyday to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Leaky Gut, GERD, IBS, Colitis, Bloating, Constipation, and Indigestion can be healed naturally when you treat the underlying causes correctly! 

This consultation aims to identify the underlying causes for your gastric imbalances, correct them, and restore a balanced gut and an optimized immune system in your life using the 5-point Model System. We will help you implement effective protocols by providing you with our advanced Healthy Gut Protocols. We want you to live your best life ever!

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