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Have You Noticed Your Energy Dropping?

Use Our Proven Restorative Sleep Vibrant Energy Protocols To Correct The Causes!

Is low sex drive a secret symptom of yours?

Over the years, we’ve tested and treated many patients who have come in with a (sometimes secret) complaint of lower than normal sex drive. It may be tempting to first think to focus on and correct the sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. Although, what we’ve found is that the Adrenal-Thyroid axis should first be corrected. In doing so, you create a downstream effect with improvement in testosterone levels and other hormone levels. When your hormones are restored to optimal levels, energy, sexual function, stamina, joint pain, mental clarity, muscle mass and mood are significantly improved.

Low sex drive shouldn’t be accepted just because you are older. Two separate studies show that having sex 1 to 2 times/week boosts first line IgA mucosal antibodies by 33%1 and can also decrease cardiovascular disease by 45%2. Another study found that sex once a week is associated with well-being and enjoying life, and may decrease depressive symptomology. Regular sex improves heart health, blood pressure reactivity, improves intimacy and relationship. Intimacy and sexual activity release oxytocin, the “love hormones”, which helps people bond. Sex can also reduce pain and improve sleep.

The most common underlying cause and trigger for low sex drive is a Chronic Stress Response, meaning how we handle the stress in our lives. During a perceived state of emergency, the body uses in greater quantities, our hormones and nutrients, leaving less “fuel” for other necessary tasks in our bodies. To naturally improve your sex drive, we begin focusing on optimizing 5 areas including the, (1) Hormones, (2) Nutrients, (3) Detoxification (4) Mind, and (5) Body.

Optimizing Hormones

Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone levels are key indicators of low sex drive. For example:

  • Estrogen levels fall along with sex drive
  • when Testosterone is optimized to the upper end of the normal range sex drive improves
  • the first symptoms we see for low sex drive is low progesterone and progesterone supports testosterone functioning

While the above is true, it is also true that the Adrenal-Thyroid can greatly affect the ovarian system while thyroid activates testosterone receptors. Finally, even melatonin levels play a role in sex drive! This is all to say that our hormones are intricately connected and each serves a purpose but not as well without the others. 

Optimizing Nutrition

Low sex drive can be corrected when our bodies have the fuel (i.e. hormones and nutrients) to optimize each organ functioning. We just covered how important hormone optimization is to our healthy lifestyle and sex life. When it comes to nutrients, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • Adrenal needs Magnesium, Vitamin C and Active B-Vitamins
  • Thyroid needs Selenium, Zinc and Iodine
  • Zinc activates testosterone
  • Chromium and boron activate estrogen

Quick tips you can take now to regenerate through nutrition include:

  • Eat your daily dose of regenerative superfoods! Superfoods contain a dense abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants greatly exceeding the values in common vegetables and fruits. Examples of powerful superfoods include aloe, maca, cacao, goji, bee pollen, spirulina, blue-green algae, hempseed, marine phytoplankton and coconut. These foods are best eaten raw.
  • Depend mainly on organic whole foods!
  • Aim for a Plate Ratio of 50% Vegetables, 25% Lean Protein and 25% Complex Carbs.


We all can relate our sex drive to our mood at some point. If we have overabundance of toxins lodged in our bowels, this can affect the serotonin levels in our bodies, affecting our mood and further by association possibly affecting our desire and drive for sex. The body’s normal mechanisms for detoxification include primarily flushing with water, a functioning liver, gallbladder, skin, kidneys and lymphatics. Toxic build up in the body is a primary cause of declining health and imbalance worldwide. To begin improving your body’s elimination and detoxification:

  • Drink 100 ounces of filtered water with Pink Salt to taste and 1-2 Lemons, DAILY!
  • Body pH above 6.7 is needed for a vibrant body
  • Decrease your exposure to electromagnetics, WiFi, Cellphones, Computers, etc.

Optimizing Mind and Body

Mind/Heart stress is the base of all chronic dis-ease. When we have dis-ease in our bodies, we cannot properly feel relaxed and joyful enough to experience a normal sex drive. It is important to know that oxygen makes up 68% of your body and it is well established that the oxygen reaching your micro-vessels is vital to each organ’s function. When your blood vessels experience atherosclerosis, erectile and clitoral function may not be at optimal functioning. You can increase the oxygen flow to all of your organs immediately by doing just one of the following:

  • Simply breathe consciously, so that the length of inhale matches the exhale.
  • Take a walk outdoors, swing your arms, while belly breathing.
  • Practice “Belly Breathing” (explained in our Healthy Weight Protocols)

Lastly, we know that a calm nervous system is able to use more fuel (hormones and nutrients) to balance your sex drive. Decreasing commitments is the key we recommend for everyone aiming to calm their Chronic Stress Response. This is a necessary step towards reversing any condition. When you simplify your life by cutting out commitments, you can free up your energy to focus mainly on your health routine. When you reduce external and internal stressors by finding restoration in nature, meditation, joy, sleep, water, deep breathing, and following your heart, you commit to optimizing the mind and body.

Restore Your Sex Drive!

Some associated symptoms that may improve when you restore your sex drive include:

  • Energy
  • Well-being
  • Pain
  • Mood

Our Healthy Life Protocols have been developed and clinically tested in thousands of patients over 15 years and should be brought to you by your doctor. The ultimate goal is to live and experience Vibrant Health with an improved self-healing ability, turned on by YOU taking the steps everyday to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Low sex drive can be targeted naturally when you treat the underlying causes correctly! 

This consultation aims to identify the underlying causes for your low sex drive, correct them, and restore a vibrant life and an optimized immune system to you using the 5-point Model System. We will help you implement effective protocols by providing you with our advanced protocols. We want you to live your best life ever!

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