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Massage Therapy Services

The Body Balancer

(60 or 90 mins, Disrobe w/draping)

Swedish massage for stress reduction and optimization of lymphatic and circulatory systems.

The Mind Mollifier

(60 or 90 mins, Partially Clothed)

A combination of Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release and Reflexology for the deepest emotional healing with Lifestyle Coaching.

The Toxin Terminator

(90 mins required, Disrobe w/draping)

Deep Tissue massage to release muscular toxins with Reiki for deep emotional detoxification.

The Hormone Helper

(90 mins required, Disrobe w/draping)

Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology protocols to increase lymphatic, circulatory and endocrine systems function.

The Nutrition Nexus

(60 or 90 mins, Disrobe w/draping)

Customized massage utilizing a
combination of modalities with
Nutritional Coaching.