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Gloria Rangelova, ND

Free 30 min Consult for Your Best Life Ever!

In this consultation, you will be asked to identify your top 3 goals and then prioritize your top goal for the next 30 days.

Dr. Rangelova will provide you with protocols for your top goal in this consultation. These protocols have been proven in thousands of patients in hundreds of doctor’s offices to resolve over 85% of all conditions, with the least number of steps and capsules.

Our aim is to empower you to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Examples of goals and protocols that are proven to work are those for 1) Vibrant Energy, 2) Restorative Sleep, 3) Healthy Weight, 4) Healthy Gut, 5) Tranquility and Joy and of course 6) a Healthy Immune System. You can expect:

1) Clarification of your top goal

2) Verbal and Written Instructions for your top goal

3) Connecting to Loving and Caring healthcare professionals who strive to make a difference.