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Natural Hormone Balance Program

Did you know that hormone imbalances are the number one cause of anxiety and depression in Ages 11 and above?

Are doctors telling you that your labs are "normal", while you’re still feeling out of balance?
Are the levels "optimal"?

Are you feeling like you need to see an integrative practitioner but the costs are prohibitive?

  • Feeling isolated in your efforts to heal or get well? Looking for a fun community of like minded people who are working on the same things as you?
  • Have an interest in healing your body holistically, but not sure where to start?
  • Have a sense that maybe you have some hormonal imbalances but you’re unsure how to balance them or who to see for that?
  • Are you more holistically inclined when it comes to your health and want to learn more?
  • Are you interested in preventative medicine?

Are your hormones balanced?
Take a short quiz to find out!

In our 30+ years of experience in hormone balance and integrative health practices, we find that you can take all the supplements or prescriptions, eat a healthy diet, and exercise and STILL feel unwell! 

How can this be? What is the missing link?


This program is based on the principles lived by the Long-Living people in the Blue Zones

There are places on this earth where people live above 100 years, while they continue to climb mountains, tend to goats, work in farms and pass on their ancient wisdom and ways. These very people also do not have cancers, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes and other modern diseases, and therefore do not have any doctors? These areas are found in Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Japan, Hunza Mountains and even in California. These people have Natural Hormone Balance. Our program approximates the conditions of the Blue Zones to optimize your body’s own production of hormones by optimizing the 5 areas below to the “OPTIMAL” range instead of just the “NORMAL” range. You can do this at ANY age!

Over 30 years, thousands of patients report the following results from this proven program:

  • Better sleep
  • Better drive
  • Better metabolism
  • Better hair, skin and nails
  • Less bloating, gas, and heartburn
  • Less stress, anxiety and depression
  • Better physical fitness
  • More energy/ stamina
  • Better physical strength

This program combines both virtual and in-person classes with individual sessions with our expert team. Most of our program is done in a group format to enhance support and community! Some of the group classes and workshops you may see are…Stress tools courses, weight management and metabolism courses, exercise instruction from a personal trainer, education on gut health, detoxification, sleep and energy, therapeutic art making, cooking and meal planning help, healthy recipe exchanges and potlucks…. And more!

This program starts with a thorough assessment. Lab work is optional. Lots of options to suit your needs and goals! Does this sound like just the thing you’ve been looking for?

Join our community!

Our NEW holistic hormone balance program is as affordable as your gym membership!

Our subscription-based Natural Hormone Balance Program has monthly fees ranging from $45-$81. Starting assessment fee will range from $180-$270, and will be a one-time fee to start the program.

How do I get started?
Visit www.sajune.com and click on Take a Quiz button to read details of this program and enroll!

A community of like-minded individuals
on a quest for optimal health!

Our Natural Hormone Balance Program provides a community of like-minded individuals who are all on a quest to live their healthiest lives ever using practical life skills methods to naturally heal and keep their bodies balanced.

We use common-sense and evidence-based methods to do just this! Not only will you connect with others, but you’ll be connecting with our health and wellness experts and practitioners that will provide you clear instruction on how to work toward living your best life ever!

What types of offerings can you look forward to?

  • Thorough health assessment (repeated every 3 months)
  • Virtual 5 weeks Foundational Workshop to set the stage for reaching ANY health goal you desire
  • One-on-one strategy sessions with your Regenerative Health Coach to review goals and next steps
  • Virtual group health coaching visits
  • FUN Live Virtual and In-person classes and workshops
  • Access to a members-only private library online with videos on various health topics
  • Optional hormone labs and full evaluation with our medical team
  • Supplement recommendations and access to our therapeutic line, MD Prescriptives

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