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Patient Testimonials

“It’s hard to believe it was one year ago today that I found out I had cancer.   Instead of being on a path to death with chemo and radiation, I am healthier than I ever have been in this cancer-destroying mission.    It’s just amazing and im so grateful for you and the SaJune team”. 


When Dr. Pati told me that over the phone I could have the support needed to manage my weight. I was, to say the least very skeptical! Dr. Pati has helped me in many other areas so I gave it a try. I cannot express the results!!! Bridgette is great, emphatic, supportive, always ready to provide you with the guidance you need, in 4 months I went from 173 pounds to 155 pounds, now it is a maintenance program. I encourage anyone that has problems with weight to make an appointment with Bridgette. You will be surprised”.


“Program with Bridgette Ruge is amazing. I couldn’t believe how fast I was back on a healthy track road. I recommend SAJUNE and Ms. Ruge for your Nutrition and Weight Management Program. I got my sexy back, DO YOU? Thank you to Ms Ruge and all the staff that support my husband and I do complete the program”.


“The I.V. therapies that Sajune offers, are the next level of supplementation for sure!! 
I have benefited greatly from the Glutathione, as it drasitcally helps my workout recovery time & it really keeps my skin hydrated. I’m sure there are many other unseen benefits from this as well, since it is known to be the most powerfull antioxident! On top of all that, the staff is awesome, especially Madeline!!”.