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Patient Testimonials

“Gosh, where do I even begin? SaJune Is without a doubt the best of the best.

I have been going there for approximately three years and without a doubt I know that I am in the best possible hands.

Not only is the center filled with extraordinarily brilliant physicians and practitioners, but more importantly they are passionate about helping their patients and clients create / restore their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If someone had told me five years ago that I would be traveling 700 miles for healthcare, I would have laughed out loud. But I travel to Orlando once a year to meet with my doctors and other practitioners. And in between those visits we meet on the phone as often as necessary.

My father was a highly respected physician and Western medicine was the only medicine that existed in our home. While I have immense respect for Western medicine and I am very grateful that it exists, I choose to use it as a diagnostic tool — for the most part. I prefer to be treated alternatively as opposed to the Western medicine methodologies.

And that is one of the reasons that I am so very grateful for the folks at SaJune. The center is filled with incredibly astute, kind, gracious, patient and mindful individuals. From the lovely ladies who enthusiastically greet and take care of me from the minute I walk in until the minute I leave…to the medical director…and everyone in between, I am constantly blown away by their expertise, care and compassion.

As we all know, the world of healthcare has changed dramatically over the last several decades and all of us are lucky if we get 10 minutes with any given physician.

One of the huge gifts of being in the care of the folks at SaJune is that they take all the time in the world to listen and respond to my needs, concerns and questions.

I feel heard, seen and understood and that is nothing less than a gift when it comes to healthcare and wellness.

Their knowledge and treatment is full circle. They are there to assist everyone in creating balance and wellness in every aspect of their lives. That is acutely different from how the U.S. healthcare system was built. Healthcare for the most part is about treating symptoms. It’s not based on treating the person as a whole and establishing wellness from the bottom up. Gratefully, SaJune looks at the whole picture and treats their patients accordingly.

And one other important factor is that they recognize how I am wired physically, emotionally and spiritually and they respond in kind. In other words, they know how to meet me halfway and present wellness alternatives that resonate with who I am. Again, that is a massive gift and one that rarely exists in traditional healthcare.

I am very grateful for Dr. Sangeeta Pati and her brilliant band of merry men and women at SaJune. I will never be able to adequately convey my deep gratitude for all they have done and continue to do for me…

Thank you SaJune!!!!”