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Patient Testimonials

“After being diagnosed with Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis Dysfunction and Chronic Fatigue by my primary care physician, I was referred to Sajune in June of this year. I love their holistic approach of healing health, by restoring body, mind, nutrition, and removing toxins.  I’m working with both Dr. Sangeeta Pati and Christelle Renta to regulate hormones, and optimize my overall well-being. Both really take their time to examine my lab results, and create a plan geared especially for me.  For lifestyle coaching,  Bridgette Ruge is fantastic! I love her upbeat approach, and she’s always so accommodating. She helped get my nutrition back on track and introduced me to Heartmath, which has been a wonderful tool for controlling anxiety and centering my mind. In an effort to boost up my immune system and keep the Chronic Fatigue at bay, I’m administered IV Therapy by Madeline Martell. She’s very friendly, attentive, and always ensures I’m comfortable.  I love how energetic I feel afterwards! To add, the space is very serene and private. My overall experience at Sajune has been wonderful and I’d highly recommend it!”


“SaJune is a very caring place. They really care about every aspect of your body and how to get you feeling your best. Very knowledgeable staff!”


“I travel a lot for work and get run down sometimes– when I’m feeling tired/weak, I go to Sajune and Madeline gives me an IV Meyers. Madeline is very professional, friendly and caring during the appointment. I highly recommend SaJune”.


“I have been involved with Sajune for 6 months and feel great Came to their practice, feeling fatigued and out of sorts. They listened to me and reviewed my lab numbers and came up with a plan that WORKS They are the body whisperers”


“From my first telephone call I have bee treated with kindness, respect, professionalism and love. They are very thorough and tailor your treatment to your specific needs. I am grateful to be in their care. Thank you!”


“Great Results! Recommended to come here and have been so impressed with the details and the way that I am heard. Feel so much better looking forward to getting better and healthier.”


“I love Sajune! They totally get me and how I like to do natural if possible and their supplements are super high quality. It’s wonderful to feel supported in helping one’s body be its healthiest. I highly recommend Dr. Renta who is just lovely and caring and really well informed.”