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Patient Testimonials

“I start my post with saying wow wow wow our God is awesome .I came to Florida in October looking for a naturopathic doctor to continue my approach to healing my body from CML that I have acquired in 2015. What a beautiful journey this has been meeting Dr. Patty, her team Dr. A ( who I call the scientist ) and Bridget my coach all provided me such warmth of professional yet nurturing service. Dr Pattie has provided me a well of information about my body that I did not realize . For example I was an assistant principal in New York City school system for 20 years you think !!! I had stress coupled with other things but I thought I was handling it quite . I felt like I was a functioning adult until I was asked the question how many hours a night do I have uninterrupted sleep? Dr. Patti’s Prepared a script for lab work that unveiled everything about the functioning of my inner body that no one ever talked about. I never knew the importance of sleep as It relates to healing . I’ve learned so much and feel so much better, Im alive . being on her program, the supplements they provided and the protocols have made an enormous impact in my lifestyle and in my health I am so grateful for the team . I know this woman and Dr A are the now to the how in this time… I’m thankful and now my children and My friends have all heard about Sajune. So Grateful and caring their relationship leaves you feeling they know you.Thank you Dr.Patti I feel like I’ve gone from being on a journey to now observing myself in the journey thank you for your caring about others so grateful looking forward to our continued walk on the paths of Restoring and restoration.”


“Dr. Pati and her medical and nutrition staff are the best. They changed my life. You will not be dissapointed.”


“I have been going to Sajune for many years. The staff is very caring and goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. The whole body, mind, spirit approach to healthcare and well-being is phenomenal.”.