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Patient Testimonials

“I am really working on my stress response with the heart math and deep breathing and hear your voice when I’m starting to feel tense.  Thank you so much for helping me to get back to feeling better and healthy as evidenced by my great test results.”


“I am so happy I attended your Stress Management and Weight Management workshops.  I highly recommend them to my family members and friends.  Two complete hours a week devoted entirely to me!  And in the comfort of my own home.  You are so personable and the depth of knowledge you obviously have in a subject matter you love.  You exude enthusiasm and it shows that you live what you teach.  Genuinely helping others feel better about themselves and teaching the steps to get there.  The manuals you provided are my go-to references almost daily.  I mistakenly thought I was well-informed about these subjects already.  But you opened my eyes to a whole new set of facts, practical advice, and real remedies.  I cannot express how thorough your presentations with understandable power point graphics interjected with supportive informational videos.  You also provided examples of real patient experiences and success stories.  Particularly enlightening is the fact that once an individual can recognize and conquer their stress responses, they’re better equipped for weight management, and vice-versa.  You demonstrated how each goes hand in hand to become “resilient” to stresses, enjoy purposeful eating and create a heathier me.  I am sleeping so much better, and I have lots of energy for my one-hour Pilates classes at the gym.  I have increased my workout classes from 2 per week to 3 per week.  I am feeling stronger, healthier, and mentally freer.  These classes were fun!  Time well spent.  Thank you so much.”


 “I love intermittent fasting because I do not like food first thing in the morning.  Sixteen hours is not hard for me.  I have lost 5.6 pounds so far.”


“We have worked together for many years and of course much of the information I have seen before in our various sessions.  But this time, in this format, I had the breakthroughs I needed to better understand all the complexities of weight loss.

You are a very skilled, natural presenter and facilitator.  That is a big part of having the breakthrough in understanding – when the person presenting the information is knowledgeable, prepared and organized.  This classroom setting made a difference.  I think for myself, in the past, I treated this information as an ‘extra’ during our various sessions which were more focused on weight loss (HCG, Metabolic Reset).  And while I had access to all the information in the various manuals, for me the learning occurs when the information is presented in a more formal, seminar/classroom setting.  The lightbulbs just kept going off in my head during every session.

Now living in France, I miss being part of the in-person SaJune community.  But thanks to these workshops (and Zoom), I can continue on my journey to healing and health that I started years ago in Orlando.

Thank you and all your colleagues at SaJune for helping women and men obtain optimal health and well-being.”


“Love the care I receive from this Holistic Practice.They have changed my life for the better in so many ways.I am eternally grateful.”


I’m writing this review as a very happy and appreciative patient of SaJune Medical Center. Everyone that works there are always smiling and you can genuinely see they enjoy helping all  their patients. Every time I visit, the doctors, nurses, and front desk go above and beyond to help me. All the services are excellent and professional. I have a very serious medical condition and I can’t think of anyone else in the world I would trust in my health and life than SaJune. I tell everyone about SaJune and the brilliant experiences I have had. Thank you and I really appreciate everyone at SaJune.”


“There is no other place like Sajune! I have been going there for over a year now. Their  knowledge and expertise is impressive. I went in as a sick person and have come out as a complete, whole, brand new being.The knowledge that I have gained and share with others has been such a gift.  My body is balanced and healthy and lean! The staff is kind, compassionate and very professional. I feel at home whenever I’m there. Dr Pati is an expert of the heart and hormones.I am so grateful  to have found them.”