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Phase to Serve More People!

My Dear Patients,

SaJune has been aiming for a lighter, proven, lower cost program to address the growing needs of younger people and children interested in optimal vibrant health. We have been developing and testing this program since 2018 and it is time for a roll out in later 2023.

In this, we will continue to grow our expertise and to be at the cutting edge for Bioidentical Hormones, while downsizing our space and staff to offer an amazing lower cost program aimed at balancing hormones naturally, in addition to our current services. This program will be especially suited for ages 15-35 and will emphasize vibrant health and balancing hormones naturally, without prescriptions (unless necessary or requested), and will be offered at a low monthly fee.

These are some changes that you can expect:

1) SaJune will continue to operate at 954 Lake Baldwin Lane to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. We will be dividing the building to occupy half the space for efficiency.

2) Myself, Serina Adams. Bridgette Ruge Barlow, Todd Gergerson, Melissa, Viji and Viviana will be staying at 954 Lake Baldwin Lane.

3) Karen Kelly LLC will be shifting location to Mercy Medical and Wellness, 4063 N Goldenrod Rd. Suite 101, Winter Park FL 32792, where she will continue under her own company to offer the current services and also a myriad of additional services, like advanced IVs and brain mapping. She can be contacted @ 407-726-8842 or mercymedicalandwellness@gmail.com.

Please note that we will have room on Serina’s and my schedule for you to continue or shift care as is best for you. Just ask Melissa for whatever you want @ 407-478-9797 or appts@sajune.com