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Stress-Resilience WORKSHOP!


This is designed to be a 4 week course, however, it is self-paced so feel free to go slower or faster. Our recommendation for completing this course is as follows:
  1. Print the handbook and log sheets and read them
  2. Aim to watch 1 video class per week
  3. Use the recipe books for ideas and inspiration. You do not need to print these as they are large files but you can if you wish !
  4. Follow up with your coach, Viviana, via email at least once per week. You will get a check in email from her for the duration of your program (4 weeks).
You may also send her log sheets each week. (Bonus- if you send your log sheets by the end of the program, you will receive 15% off your next supplement order through SaJune!). Her email is  viviana@sangeetap2.sg-host.com

If you prefer phone calls, you may add on 4 weekly phone calls with Vianana for just $108. Please inform the front desk 407-478-9797

You may also do one single phone call at the discounted price of $36 for 30 minutes if you have a lot of questions or need some phone support during or immediately following your program.

Workshop class recordings are led by Bridgette Barlow. While she is on maternity leave, all corresponding coaching will be done by certified Regenerative Health Coach, Viviana Garzon. You may reach her at viviana@sangeetap2.sg-host.com.

ENJOY YOUR PROGRAM!!! Please provide feedback to us! We want to hear your experience and all the new things you have learned from this program!

Thank you!
SaJune Wellness Team !


Welcome to SaJune's Stress Resilience Workshop

stress resilience workshop progress log PDF

plant-based Stress Workshop meal plan and recipe book

Plant-Based Stress Workshop Meal Prep Guide PDF

Stress workshop meal plan and recipe book

Stress workshop Program Meal Prep Guide PDF


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