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Do you have a stubborn weight that is unresponsive to diet and exercise?

Use our proven healthy weight protocols to correct the causes!

Are you looking to restore your metabolism, gain muscle and lose fat?

In order to see these changes along with a significant drop in cholesterol and sugars, SaJune Institute wants to share with you our Healthy Weight Protocols that have been effective in decreasing fat mass in over 80% of people in 30 days. 

If you are experiencing unexplained weight gain, or just stubborn body fat, your body is saying, “Hey! Something is out of Balance!” Many people experience weight gain or stubborn weight despite increased attention to diet and exercise! The most common underlying cause and trigger for weight gain is a Chronic Stress Response, meaning how we handle the stress in our lives. 

The Chronic Stress response puts the body into a perceived state of emergency and under stress the body cannot lose weight. During a perceived state of emergency, fat is stored for the “potential starvation that’s to come.” This is the way the brain and body work to prepare. In this state, the function of metabolic hormones (such as adrenal / cortisol / thyroid / insulin) become out of balance as well as the nutrients needed to activate them. Lastly, without adequate rest, weight cannot be corrected since metabolism is corrected in 8 hours of continuous sleep. This is why our Healthy Weight protocols are most effective once energy and sleep are optimal.

To naturally improve your metabolism and aim for a healthy weight, we begin focusing on optimizing 5 areas including the, (1) Hormones, (2) Nutrients, (3) Detoxification (4) Mind, and (5) Body.

Optimizing Hormones

We already discussed how the Chronic Stress Response puts the body in a perceived state of emergency. When this happens, the hyperactive nervous system depletes your fuel (i.e.hormones and nutrients) needed for metabolism, especially adrenal, thyroid and insulin, at a much faster rate. These hormones are in charge of certain areas where you may experience “stubborn fat”, such as your lower abdomen, inner thighs, under the chin, inner arms, or the back of the body. The most important hormones that are responsible for healthy weight in women and men are progesterone and testosterone. Some hormones are activated by nutrients so when nutrients are balanced, you can better be on your way to correcting hormonal imbalances toward a healthy weight.

Optimizing Nutrition

Hopefully you are beginning to understand that achieving a healthy weight is within reach when we have enough fuel (i.e. hormones and nutrients) to power a healthy metabolism. Nutrients are extremely important to your metabolism in more ways than you may have previously thought, including: 

  • Thyroid hormones need zinc, selenium and iodine to increase metabolism.
  • Insulin needs chromium, vanadium and magnesium to balance sugars.
  • Having “good bacteria” in the gut is critical for optimal metabolism.

Our Healthy Weight Protocols clearly lists the few supplements we recommend to get started with for optimizing your nutrition for improved metabolism! Additional quick tips you can take now to regenerate through nutrition include:

  • Eating your daily dose of regenerative superfoods! Superfoods contain a dense abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants greatly exceeding the values in common vegetables and fruits. Examples of powerful superfoods include aloe, maca, cacao, goji, bee pollen, spirulina, blue-green algae, hempseed, marine phytoplankton and coconut. These foods are best eaten raw.
  • Depend mainly on organic whole foods, to keep your toxic load low.
  • Aim for a Plate Ratio of 50% Vegetables, 25% Lean Protein and 25% Complex Carbs.


How is your liver and gallbladder dealing with fats? With troubled weight cases, it is common to see bowel, liver, and gallbladder issues present as well. The body’s normal mechanisms for detoxification include primarily flushing with water, a functioning liver, gallbladder, skin, kidneys and lymphatics. If any of the above is compromised, we gain weight. Toxic build up in the body is a primary cause of declining health and weight gain worldwide. Man has added 100,000 toxins to our environment, which the body needs to process and handle to remain vibrant. Toxins reside largely in the fat tissues so it is beneficial to the body to address toxins when addressing any pockets of stubborn fat. By improving our detoxification processes, our body can consequently absorb the nutrients we get from food and supplements at an improved rate. To begin improving your body’s elimination and detoxification:

  • Drink 100 ounces of filtered water with Pink Salt to taste and 1-2 Lemons, DAILY!
  • The bowels must move at least twice a day!
  • pH above 6.7 is needed to lose fat. By increasing your intake of more of the highest level of raw plant proteins possible, you can help to raise the pH of the body. Daily pH can be checked at home through morning urine samples.
  • Decrease your exposure to electromagnetics, WiFi, Cellphones, Computers, etc.

Optimizing Mind and Body

Mind/Heart stress is the base of all chronic disease. It is important to know that oxygen makes up 68% of your body and it is well established that the oxygen reaching your micro-vessels is vital to each organ’s function. This includes all organs involved in your metabolism (thyroid, pancreas, adrenals and gut). You can increase the oxygen flow to all of your organs immediately by doing just one of the following:

  • Simply breathe consciously, so that the length of inhale matches the exhale.
  • Take a walk outdoors, swing your arms, while belly breathing.
  • Practice “Belly Breathing” (explained in our Healthy Weight Protocols)

We should also remember, when moving your body, aerobic exercises mobilize fat, so workouts where your heart rate stays below 150 are best, when compared to higher intensity workouts with a heart rate above 150, the pH falls and we are less able to mobilize fat cells.

Lastly, we know that a calm nervous system is able to use more fuel (hormones and nutrients) to be used in metabolism. Decreasing commitments is the key we recommend for everyone aiming to calm their Chronic Stress Response. This is a necessary step towards reversing any condition. When you simplify your life by cutting out commitments, you can free up your energy to focus mainly on your health routine. When you reduce external and internal stressors by finding restoration in nature, meditation, joy, sleep, water, deep breathing, and following your heart, you commit to optimizing the mind and body.

Restore Your Metabolism!

Some associated symptoms that may improve when you restore your metabolism include:

  • Energy
  • Skin
  • Focus
  • Well-being
  • Pain
  • Mood

Our Healthy Weight Protocols have been developed and clinically tested in thousands of patients over 15 years and should be brought to you by your doctor. The ultimate goal is to live and experience Vibrant Health with an improved self-healing ability, turned on by YOU taking the steps everyday to be in the driver’s seat for your own health. Stubborn weight can be targeted naturally when you treat the underlying causes correctly! 

This consultation aims to identify the underlying causes for your stubborn weight, correct them, and restore a vibrant life and an optimized immune system to you using the 5-point Model System. We will help you implement effective protocols by providing you with our advanced Healthy Weight Protocols. We want you to live your best life ever!

Request to schedule your appointment : https://sajune.com/book-now/

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